Frequently Asked Questions

Does my whole group need to be 21+?

For experiences that include alcohol, yes!

What’s different about Night Inn from other wine tasting and cocktail making experiences?

We offer on-site, private sessions with industry experts that are also personalized and interactive in nature. We aim to bring a feeling of togetherness to your home by making the experience less of a lecture and more about building connections and engaging in a fun, interactive dialogue together.

What is Night Inn?

Night Inn is a platform that brings you on-demand (in-office, in-home) experiences like wine tasting, cocktail making and more, led by the industry’s premier talent. Our mission is to Bring Togetherness to You. We offer in-person experiences in NYC and select markets, and virtual experiences nationwide.

How does Night Inn work?

When you book an experience with Night Inn, you’ll get a private and interactive experience guided by one of our many Experts. We make the process easy for you - select a date and time, and tell us a bit about yourself and your group, and we'll take care of getting all of the necessary materials to you to enjoy an exciting hospitality experience wherever you are!

What does a live experience look like?

Your Expert will come directly to your location, for a ~90 minute, interactive, engaging hospitality experience. We mix together hands-on sessions, games, and tips & tricks from the industry to bring all the best elements of the hospitality industry directly to you. We can also cater to more casual groups who are looking to come in-and-out of the experience for a few minutes at a time, or include Night Inn as part of a larger event. You can customize your experience (theme, materials, etc.) during your booking process, and all materials arrive at your door in the days leading up to the experience to make it easy to host your group.

What does a virtual experience look like?

Our virtual experiences are just like our live experiences, but offered for groups that might not be in NYC, or aren't comfortable gathering in-person. We'll work with you to get all materials shipped to your group (or picked up locally), and conduct an interactive experience via Zoom.

Who is an “Expert”?

Experts are the incredible industry professionals who lead our experiences and make Night Inn possible. They are trained professionals with a minimum of 5 years in the restaurant industry and have been vetted by the Night Inn team for fit and fun.

How does pricing work?

Your final pricing will show you the price of your Expert and the materials you'll receive, as well as the alcohol which you'll be purchasing from one of our partner retailers.

Can I gift Night Inn to someone?

Absolutely! Your gift card will apply directly to the cost of their session. You can find gift cards directly on our home page.

How does tipping work?

A 10% gratuity is automatically applied to all bookings. If you have an exceptional experience and wish to add additional gratuity, you may do so via cash or Venmo

Do you offer tastings for larger groups or corporate events?

Yes we do! We've hosted hundreds of events for teams, clients, new hires / interns, brokers, and luxury building residents. Let us know how we can help your group! Please note, for groups over 30, we review all bookings to determine if we should send multiple Experts or support staff.

How do you select the wines /cocktails?

We work with trusted retail partners to ensure we only have the highest-quality ingredients, that also make for an exciting experience!

What should I have prepared for my experience?

Not much! The most important part is ensuring you have enough space for everyone to comfortably enjoy their experience, and that you're ready to receive all shipped materials.

What if cancellation or rescheduling needs arise?

You may request to cancel or reschedule outside of 72 hours in advance of your experience. Please note, you may be assigned a new Expert in this case. Within 72 hours, you may be charged a small fee for your Expert's time and any materials already shipped.