Intro to Cheese Tasting with a Pro



Do you love cheese, but hardly know where to begin when it comes to describing the styles and flavors that appeal to you, or picking out a great assortment of cheeses for a festive and attractive cheese plate? This experience will help you develop your own inner curd nerd, and give you a solid foundation for understanding the fundamentals of cheese, providing you with cheese terminology that will take you confidently into any cheese ordering situation. In Cheese 101, Pamela will take you through a tasting of 5 artisanal cheeses that demonstrate common cheese styles, focusing on tastes, textures, and techniques that can help you differentiate a wide variety of the world’s cheeses. Pamela will work with you before your experience to curate a flight of cheeses you and your guests will best appreciate. You may even discover that you love something that you didn’t believe you ever would! This is intended to be a seated or standing experience where each guest will have their own individual cheese slate. If you’re interested in more of a mingling experience for a larger number of guests, please contact us to discuss, and we will be happy to organize a cheese tasting that suits your needs. This experience does not include beverage or accoutrement pairings, but you are encouraged to provide your own drinks or cheese accompaniments for the event.



Pamela Vachon

Sommelier, Bartender, Food & Travel Writer, Cheese Expert

Pamela is a certified sommelier and cheese expert, in addition to being a professional food and travel writer. She previously worked at manhattan's 2-Michelin star restaurant, The Modern, as a bartender and captain, where she also helped run a table side cheese trolley program. When not eating and drinking, or typing about eating and drinking, Pamela is also a musician and voiceover artist.

What’s included

  • Cheese Slates
  • Cheese Knives
  • 5 Artisanal Cheeses (To Be Curated)
  • Cheese Tasting Pro & Materials

What’s required from you

  • Ice
  • Clean and ample space to host experience
  • Time to chill specified items (you will receive instructions upon booking)
  • Time to receive materials via delivery and set aside where Experience will take place
  • Water or Beverage for Guests (Palate Cleansing)



Serves 8 people per item

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