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You've never tasted luxury like this before. Join Expert Chef Jordan white for a deep-dive into the fine dining, with a 4-course cooking Experience covering Osteria Caviar + Blinis, Brussel Sprout Salad with white truffle vinaigrette, Truffle Gnocchi with black truffle trimmings, and Mushroom Agnolotti with Black truffle shavings


Jordan White


When I was 10 years old, my father taught me how to cook, so that I would never have to rely on someone else when I was hungry. That lesson grew into an interest, which then turned into a hobby, and ultimately my career. In 2016, I decided to live out my dream and move to New York City. Days after moving, I began working at the prestigious Michelin starred French restaurant Café Boulud, owned by renowned chef Daniel Boulud. While there, I also attended the Institute of Culinary Education, where I was awarded “Most Likely to Succeed” in my class. During my three years at Café, I learned valuable techniques and skills that I could implement into my own style of cooking at home. Between 2018and 2019, I was the Sushi Team Leader at the local Wegmans in Brooklyn, eager to expand my knowledge and continue to grow. Now, I’m a full-time personal chef, and have started my own company, No Bounds Cooking LLC. My preferred cuisines may lean towards American, Italian, and Mexican, but I never try to limit myself to only a few options. I’m always trying something new and finding ways to improve on what I’ve done before. No matter what I do, I always put flavor first.

What’s included

  • Materials and Ingredients for luxury 4-course Menu

What’s required from you

  • Clean and ample space to host experience



Serves 8 people per item

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