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"A local artist will guide you through your group project. Everyone will work on their own paintings while also contributing in a collaborative way. Your teacher will bring all the painting supplies to kick off a fun time. All you have to do is pick a venue and bring your enthusiasm! This is an ideal class for beginners and a great way to connect with colleagues with teamwork games. Share laughs and show off your progress as you show off your new painting skills. Each guest's canvas is one piece of a larger image. You choose a painting, and we’ll label and give everyone their piece. People won’t know what exactly they’re making, but they’ll be encouraged to add their own spin to it and collaborate with their neighboring pieces to align edges. Once everyone is finished, we’ll arrange all the puzzle piece canvases together to form a cohesive group painting!"


Paint the Town N/A

Entertainment / Education

Our paint parties are perfect for any occasion! Gather your group in-person to paint and sip at home, at the office, or a venue of your choosing. We look forward to Paint the Town with you!

What’s included

  • 12x16 canvas panels, easels, paints, brushes, plates, napkins, water cups, aprons, table covers
  • Painting Group Canvas
  • Painting Materials

What’s required from you

  • Clean and ample space to host experience
  • Time to receive materials via delivery and set aside where Experience will take place
  • Table & Chairs



Serves 8 people per item

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