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January 05, 2023 5 min read

Planning a party seems like a daunting task, but the results are awe-inspiring. One of the most important things to plan for is alcohol. During the planning process, you might find yourself stressing over the amount of alcohol needed for your party. Naturally, different sizes of parties will require different amounts, but don’t stress—the Night Inn has you covered! Our experienced party planning experts have put together a handy guide to help you know the quantity of wine needed for any party! 

Types Of Wine To Serve 

While planning a party, consider the selection of wine. Some of the essential factors to consider include the overall theme and style of your gathering, as well as the preferences of your guests. It is better to host a party with a combination of mixed drinks, beer, and wine. Some common types of wine that are often served at parties include:

Christian Lauverjat Sauvignon Blanc

Christian Lauverjat Sauvignon Blanc is a light and well-balanced wine, making it perfect for parties. In addition, this wine is lively from beginning to end, with white flower aromas and a lengthy, fruity, fresh finish. So, if you are looking for a crowd-pleasing wine that will make your party memorable, be sure to include Christian Lauverjat Sauvignon Blanc on your list.

Michael Pinot Grigio

If you are looking for a dry white wine that will appeal to a wide range of palates, be sure to include St. Michael Pinot Grigio on your party wine list. This wine is light and refreshing, with a pleasant acidic flavor that is ideal for parties. St. Michael Pinot Grigio also features subtle notes of pear and apple, making it an exciting choice for those who enjoy wines with complex flavors.

Bieler Père et Fils Rosé

This delicious rosé from Provence, a sparkling wine, is an easy-drinking combination of five grape varieties. This wine is light and energizing with notes of strawberries, cherries, and spice, making it the perfect choice for gatherings where you want to keep things lively.

Seaside Pinot Noir

This 100% Pinot Noir is an excellent light red wine that won't overpower your party dishes. With raspberry aromas up front and bitter chocolate and herbs at the conclusion, it is energetic and fresh.

Colossal Reserva Red Blend

This Portuguese red mix is an extensive wine for a modest price; it is rich, smooth, and loaded with blackberry and spice. This is an attractive option for your party because most individuals who drink red wine prefer wide varieties and flavors.

Consider Your Guest Preferences

When planning a wine-based party, it is essential to consider your guests' preferences and drinking habits. For example, some prefer lighter wines, while others prefer bolder red or dry white wines. Therefore, it is essential to tailor your selection based on your hosting crowd. Additionally, when calculating how much wine to purchase, it is necessary to consider how many wine drinkers you have at the party and the portion size of your typical pour.

According to the 2019 Gallup poll, 34% of respondents said they never drank alcohol, compared to 65% who said they did so occasionally. Therefore, if you are hosting a party with approximately 100 guests and expect around 65 of them to drink alcohol, you will need about 32 bottles of wine.

Determining The Amount Of Wine To Get

When throwing a party, the style of party you're throwing and the number of guests will determine how much wine you should purchase. One bottle of wine for every two individuals, every two hours, is generally a safe estimate. However, this may vary on the type of wine you are stocking and your guests' preferences. Additionally, it is essential to consider the size of your typical pour. The standard size of the bottle is 750ml, with most standard glasses holding 5oz of wine.

Dinner Party

You'll require the following quantities of wine per participant for a dinner party:

  • Pre-dinner 1-2 servings of wine
  • Two servings of white wine with dinner
  • Two servings of red wine with dinner
  • One serving of dessert wine

However, if you are unsure how many glasses one person will have, a few extra bottles will always save the day.

Wine and Cheese Party

You should anticipate that each guest will consume one serving of each wine at a wine and cheese party. Plan on serving at least two glasses per person if you serve less than four varieties. This means you must purchase at least 24 glasses of wine if you plan to serve less than four different types of wine at your party.

Wine Tasting Party

If you want to create a wine-tasting party experience for your guests, consider serving a variety of red and white wine bottles. This will allow guests to compare and contrast the flavors and aromas of various wine styles. Additionally, be sure to have multiple glasses available for each wine so that guests can properly enjoy and appreciate the flavor profile of each variety. The quantity of wine you need for a wine-tasting party generally is five to seven different white wines and five glasses to seven other red wines. Of course, you can use more or fewer wines depending on your preferences and spending limit.

Additionally, consider creating food pairings that will enhance the flavors and aromas of each wine variety. Some popular choices include cheese plates, charcuterie boards, and light fares like fresh fruits and vegetables.

Cocktail Party

To ensure that you have enough wine for both red and white varieties, it is essential to divide your purchases accordingly. For example, if you are hosting a cocktail party and expect approximately 100 guests, plan on purchasing 40 bottles of white wine and 60 bottles of red wine. This will provide enough wine for guests to enjoy a drink and some leftovers for future events.

Tips To Remember

Some general tips to remember when purchasing wine for a party include:

Keep A Simple Selection

Never dwell on labels. Brand identity is not crucial if the wine is good. The aim is to have guests with glasses in hand. You might be the host introducing the drink that becomes your guest's new favorite.

Select Wines with Screw Caps

Service might be slowed considerably by corked wines. Wines with screw caps, commonly referred to as Stelvin system screw caps are easier to pour and do not necessarily signify a lower-quality wine. Wines with screw caps merely signal that they are ready to be consumed.

Big Bottles Are Better

Large format wines in the 1.5L size are a fantastic way to save party expenditures. In addition, this single large bottle will serve approximately nine glasses, which is cost-effective. 

Shop From Certified Collections

Choose accredited vineyards that offer the best attributes, flavors, and finishes at the best possible prices. These wines are an excellent alternative for a party or event because they come in various flavors and at affordable costs.

We'll Organize The Best Wine Party For You!!

When hosting a party, consider various wine types that appeal to all your guests. For example, white wines are usually more refreshing and easier to drink, while red wines are bolder in flavor. Additionally, it is best to consider what foods will be served at the party, as certain types of wine can pair well with certain dishes. It is also essential to consider how many people will be drinking wine so that you do not end up with too much or too little. Check outNight Inn Wine Tasting In Person service if you need help picking the perfect wines for your event.!

So, visit us today tolearn more about what we do. We would be happy to assist you in selecting the best wines for your party.

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