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NYC Inn-Person Wine Tasting

If you don't see the date / time you're looking for, please contact us here and we'll make sure to get you set up with an expert Host

Sip, smell and taste with NYC's best sommeliers, brought right to your living room, rooftop, or wherever your group is looking for a fun experience! Choose from one of our exciting experiences, then customize your wine package before it gets shipped right to your door by our retail partner, Flatiron Wine & Spirits!

In addition to the session fee, the package cost includes the price of the wines that will be delivered to you by Flatiron.

Upon booking, you will be prompted in your confirmation email to a unique check-out link to Flatiron's website with the wines included in your package.

  •  All packages start at 2 or 4 bottles with the option to add more:

    Taste Around the World - Starting at 4 bottles; Est. starting price $90

    Wine Tasting 101 - Starting at 2 bottles; Est. starting price $48

    Celebrations and Libations: Sparkling/Rose´ - Starting at 2 bottles; Est. starting price $40 for rose, $65 for sparkling

    One Step Deeper: Be a Local (Burgundy) -Starting at 2 bottles; Est. starting price $101

    One Step Deeper: Find your Grape (Cabernet Sauvignon) -Starting at 2 bottles; Est. starting price $46

    Special Topics: Orange Wines -Starting at 2 bottles; Est. starting price $46

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