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Certified Sommelier, Wine Educator and Author

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Charles Springfield is a certified sommelier, wine educator and book author in New York City. His mission is to help promote wine appreciation through education in the form of classes, events and various forms of media. He has been working in wine in NYC for the last 10 years. His first book, “The Less is More Approach to Wine,” works to deliver wine education in easy to understand and manageable servings. He wants to help wine lovers create a deeper, more personal relationship with wine. In the summer of 2020, Charles released a new book called “Maneuvering Rosé Wine With Style” focused on educating consumers about the rosé wine category and rose styles from around the world. For more info, visit @thewinestylings on Instagram.

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The Less Is More Approach to Win

THE LESS IS MORE APPROACH TO WINE is an extension of the popular wine classes Charles Springfield teaches throughout New York City. Combining various themes like Wine 101, prominent wine regions and “New World versus Old World” comparisons, this wine education book brings all that vocabulary, knowledge and personality into a comprehensive written guide. The book also takes the opportunity to expand on several topics that cannot be covered in a 90-minute class. However, it stays true to his teaching approach of delivering information in easy to understand and manageable doses. Purchase Link Here:

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Rosé Wine With Style

MANEUVERING ROSÉ WINE WITH STYLE takes an introspective look into the pink wine category. The chapters feel like one-part wine class, one-part seminar and one-part heart-to-heart kitchen table talks. Written in a conversational tone, the book shines a light on the historical perspective of pink wines, the trends, available styles and the popular grapes used. Then it explores possible ways to integrate it into one’s life – whether it is sipped on by a beach in the South of France or sipped on at Thanksgiving dinner in Upstate New York. Purchase on

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    Nicole Scruggs

    Jul 6, 2023

    This was probably the 3rd or 4th event I've done with Charles and as always, everything was great.

    Bryan Grandison

    Jun 13, 2023