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OnlineVines Virtual Wine Tasting

If you don't see the date / time you're looking for, please contact us here and we'll make sure to get you set up with an expert Host
  • Select your Host and preferred date. fill out a few quick questions, then checkout and the Night Inn team will be in touch with you to take care of the rest!

    Please refer to our Terms of Service before booking, and validate that someone 21+ years of age will be available to receive the order. Personal information of you and your guests will not be shared with third parties.

    Prices indicated are for the Night Inn service. When our experts work with you on wine / cocktail selection, we will either include that price in your final billing, or let you pay directly if you pick up at a local retailer. We always allow you to customize the additional price you'd like to pay for wine / liquor!

    Per regulations, we cannot guarantee shipping to Alabama, Delaware, Kentucky, Maine, Mississippi, Montana, South Dakota and Utah, and may have to work with you for a local pick-up option if you reside in one of those states.

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